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While survey collections about art toys have been published in the past, we wanted something different. Something more. We wanted a place that allowed this emerging contemporary art movement's top-tier artists to shine strictly on their own merits. And so we created CoART Publications.

We work with artists to create monograph art books that they can be proud of. More than collections of photographs, each book strives to be a manifestation of its artist's aesthetic. And by entrusting talented photographers to capture the works, we hope our tomes allow collectors to see these pieces in a whole new light.

In short, CoART Publications believes in high-quality art books about art toys. And we hope you do too.

What are art toys?

The contemporary art world’s equivalent of a video store's cult section, these sculptures blur the line between mass-produced collectibles and handmade works of art.

Also referred to as designer toys, these imaginative forms are imbued with abstract, conceptual, satirical, and even grotesque elements while appropriating the aesthetic, appearance, and potentially the production methods and materials of children's toys.

Essentially three-dimensional art prints, issued in limited edition quantities or even as unique pieces, these accessible approaches to fine art tend to be fascinating, thought-provoking, and, above all, entertaining to look at.

Where does the name "CoART" come from?

In the summer of 2015, the husband-and-wife team of Nick Curtis and Pamela Ralat founded CoART Magazine, a digital digest that shared a message of artistic elements over commercial aspects. Of the art over the toy. As their message grew into the realm of book publishing, it only seemed appropriate to maintain the CoART name — an acronym that means Contemporary Art Rendered as Toys